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About Us

Feng Shui provides on-set realtime integration service for virtual filmmaking and VTuber production as a whole. Our facility includes optical mocap equipment from Chingmu, body and finger mocap equipment from Foheart, virtual camera and co-production software from Glassbox and VT Live from Yameme Integrated Marketing. Aiming to be the leading virtual film production facility provider in Taiwan, we have spent enormous efforts on fine-tuning our production process available on both Unity, Unreal and along with various mocap hardware brands. Our service provides you a hassle free working environment, so that our customers can focus on honing their creativity through intensive discussion among their teams. Our customers includes not just film and animation studios, but also professional athletes like martial arts and Peking operas.

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Our Services

We provide the highest flexibility by making a wide range of related motion capturing hardware and virtual production software available to our clients. Upon request, we can also dispatch on-premise motion capturing service teams to your designated location, such as TV stations or even shopping malls. In case you will want to use your own team, we can also provide daily motion capturing equipment for short term leasing. Experimental remote motion capturing service basing on Unreal and Glassbox's BeeHive co-production software is also under careful integration now.


The Significance

As the virtual production competition has been getting extremely intensive among studios, a stream-lined pipeline can save huge efforts, not to mention the risk of try-and errors. Feng Shui has been in constant discussion and working together with studios of all types, proven to be a precious know-how source to mitigate your risk of choosing otherwise a wrong set of hardware and software. It's time to choose the right production process.


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You can also reach us via info@fengshui-vision.com